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Meet Caroline and Gerry

Hello thank you for showing an interest in the fantastic world of hypnotherapy. My name is Gerry Meikle.

I have worked for many various “blue chip companies” within sales training & management development; these roles covered the whole of the UK. During this time I created sales training and development programmes that are still being used in these companies as best practice today. I also enjoyed running motivational and public speaking courses. However, I found the pressures of not having a proper work life balance detrimental to my health. I therefore made it my mission to search & find a way to have a more balanced life.

Working with hypnotherapy I have found the unconscious mind had so much to offer. I found the fascinating world of hypnotherapy can overcome any challenges life throws at you & it is my belief that anyone that has the desire to over come challenges within their life they can do so with help from the right therapists. The changes I made within my own work life balance have been truly phenomenal.

I am Caroline Meikle. I am pleased that you have decided to visit our web site. Thank you so much. I hope you find our site informative and helpful to gain some knowledge of hypnotherapy and the therapies that we offer. I hope I can have the opportunity of working with you. I like to chose tailored one to one sessions using various techniques that are tailored to suit you the important person the client.

So please feel free to call and have a chat the first session is free to help you decide if I am the right therapists for you. I really enjoy meeting and welcoming client to the practice and nothing makes me more happier seeing the positive changes that take place. My background is in management at a senior level. My main strength is rapport building with lots of laughs along the way. I like to put you at ease as when you are relaxed then the good work can begin. I do take your problem or situation seriously and work with you to resolve as quickly as possible.

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