"Change you for Life, Live Longer, Live Happier, Be All You Can Be"


"I stopped smoking after one session" - james from glasgow.

"I was very over weight and after having my family. i just piled the weight on. i finally got up to 18 stone. after my six sessions i got my head around why i was eating so much. i started to go walking and eating healthier. with the help of hypnotheray and life coaching i have lost now in total 3 stone and feel positive and i am continuiing to loe weight," - marissa kilsyth.

"I suffered acute pain for many years after trying everything that the doctors could prescribe and at my wits end i decided to try hypnotherapy and i now lead a muhc fuller and active life." - sarah from bishopbrigg

"I had suffered with nerves over public speaking for years i took 5 sessions and now enjoy public speaking and have lost my fears." - carol cumbernauld

"After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia having lost my confidence and ability to work, unable to drive or sleep. (my mother says you are a miracle worker) as i am know sleeping like a log. i am able to take on all of life challenges. i am back working, socialising and doing all the things i never thought i be doing again. thanks so much for all your help." - anne from wishaw

"Being smoking for forty years averaging 40 -60 a day after one session stopped smoking completely, i feel like a new man. i have recommended my wife shirley come to a new direction." - tom from condorrat.

"I was on 20 cigarettes per day and came along to a new direction hypnotherapy after my husband stopped smoking succesful. yes it did work for me too," - a delighted shirley from condorrat.

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