"Change you for Life, Live Longer, Live Happier, Be All You Can Be"

Words with Caroline and Gerry

Hypnotherapy / Dealing with Life’s Challenges

Words by Gerry & Caroline Meikle

Ok let me first talk a little about what we do with a mixture between Hypnotherapy / Reiki / life Coaching / and of course E. F. T. (emotional freedom technique)

Taking the four of these dynamic alternative therapies, we can not only eradicate lots of life’s ailments, but deal with the more complex of situations, in many cases completely eliminating them from your life, and in most other cases drastically reducing the level of whatever it is that is ailing you

Lots of people, who come to see us, come for one thing or another, but the real reason that they have come has not been disclosed, this is so often because they are not aware of it, we as therapists get to the bottom of what the real issue’s are.

It becomes very clear that what the client has come for is a side effect, of what is really wrong, this is when we as your therapist, can really start to make a difference in your life, restoring some form of normality, taking away or reducing the pain, giving you back the control over your life, that you may not have had for years.

Things we can help with

Eating / Weight disorders, Smoking, Phobias .Pain Management, I.B.S., Sleeping Disorders, Stress, Anxiety, Communication, Relationship Challenges, Sports performance, Depression etc. Are just some of the things that we can help overcome, by simply allowing yourself to get some perspective, calm and relaxation in your life has got to be a good thing for dealing with whatever life throws at you?

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