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Words with Caroline and Gerry

The Secret of Weight Control

Words by Gerry & Caroline Meikle


I have been asked to shed some more light on weight management. Lets speak about the creative process; for those who feel that they are over weight, the first thing to look at is that if you focus on loosing weight, you will only attract back having to loose more weight, so get having to loose weight out of your mind.

There is no miracle cure to weight loss. If you are carrying extra weight, you must first take responsibility for the weight that you have. Also take into consideration the amount of time it took you to put on the extra weight, and how long you have been carrying it around with you.

We at A New Direction Hypnotherapy do not have any miracle cures, what we do have is a tried and tested weight management programme.

This is achieved with a series of hypnotic sessions. Along with a full explanation of how to re-educate you within the eating process, you will be shown how to use self hypnosis, and work with a tried and tested eating procedure, with no sign of the so called diet routine.

You must want to achieve your ideal weight and look. The look that you desire, deserve and should have. After all it is your health that we are talking about. As well as looking and feeling great, being able to do all the things that you desire, with friends and family, without all the usual excuses that you have been so used to using. Wouldn’t it be great to say “yes” to everything you like, not forgetting how wonderful you will feel when you shed all those excess pounds and get back a new you healthier than ever before.

Don’t stay in the past with all the excuses, the “I am overweight and fat” feeling sorry for your self because this will only attract continually being overweight,

The definition of the perfect weight is the weight that feels good for you, no one else’s opinion counts.

Most likely you know someone who is thin, and eats like a horse, and they proudly declare, I can eat whatever I want and I never put on weight, I am always the perfect weight. They reaffirm on a daily basis their intention to stay at a healthy weight. They work with focused and self hypnotic mind they may be aware of this as they have done hypnosis, or indeed just are that strong minded.

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