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Words with Caroline and Gerry

Hypnotherapy Dealing with Anxiety and Phobias With Emotional Freedom Therapy (E. F. T.)

Words by Gerry & Caroline Meikle

Emotional Freedom Therapy (E. F. T.) is a therapy that works within the Meridians of the body. These therapies / techniques go way back in time, they work with and emerge from acupuncture, shiatsu and thought field therapy.

With Anxiety and Phobias such as flying, spiders, panic attacks, Stress, eating disorders, addictions and anger; Emotional Freedom Therapy can often work rapidly (sometimes within minutes) and with long lasting effect.

(E. F. T.) is a form of therapy that introduces us to the tapping of the fourteen meridians within our body, helping to stimulate some points that have not received any attention for some time. This allows us to unblock anything that may be stopping us from moving on with our lives.

These tapping techniques can easily be learned in order for you to practice them in everyday life. This enables you to reinforce what you have been working on, like Hypnotherapy, you should always be taught self hypnosis, in the same way as you will be taught how to do self Emotional Freedom Therapy.

You as the client must agree and take ownership for whatever the problem or challenge is that is stopping you from making the best of your life and happiness. As soon as you are receptive to this idea, Emotional Freedom Therapy will help you unload the fears, anger, grief, depression and other negative emotions that cause people to drive through life with their brakes on. Enabling you to live your life to the fullest.

We work with the main fourteen Meridians of the body using a fun and relaxed tapping method that will amaze you with its fantastic results

Hypnotherapy with Emotional Freedom Therapy can help you achieve the changes that you require and deserve.

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