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Words with Caroline and Gerry

Hypnotherapy / Weight Management

Taking Control of Your Weight this year.

Words by Gerry & Caroline Meikle

It is time to take control of your weight and achieve the body / image that you really want.

You have tried the diets, the exercise DVDs, still not loosing that weight. This is when most people decide to use Hypnotherapy.

Some diets may work for a little while, but soon you start to put the weight back on. You then feel disappointed, ashamed, and you may even feel like you have failed.

It’s not your fault

In order to loose weight you have to learn how to take control.

You must first understand the reason why diets don’t always work, this is because its all about the Negatives; eating less, cutting down, and essentially depriving your body of what it wants and needs.

Hypnotherapy, will teach you how to take control of your eating habits; allowing you to enjoy and appreciate what you eat and in turn have more respect for your body.

Think of your own ideal weight, the way you used to be or the way you want to be.

You can achieve this, by still being able to eat what you enjoy, but combining this with a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy can help. With our fantastic weight reduction techniques, we can help you increase your self esteem and confidence. With your open-mindedness, we can strengthen your existing will power, enabling you to take control and achieve your ideal weight, and maintain this for life.

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