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Hypnotherapy FAQ's

You will be invited to come to see your therapists at A New Direction Hypnotherapy studio where you will have a one to one with chat your therapists before any treatment is agreed. This give you a great opportunity to discuss and have answered any questions or concerns you may have before treatment begins. Hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxing safe environment where trust, empathy, respect and rapport are present.

Hypnotherapy or any treatment we give you is all about complete focus on you and how to resolve any issues you feel are troubling you. Hypnotherapy itself is no more than a comfortable self-awareness, similar to reading a good book and losing track of time. The therapeutic approach at A New Direction Hypnotherapy is very much kept in the now and does not get caught up with the past. During hypnotherapy you will not fall asleep or go unconscious - you need to be relaxed and be able to hear everything being said, it is similar to daydreaming.

At A New Direction Hypnotherapy the approach is motivational, professional, caring and effective. A great deal of time and care will be taken to allow you to ask questions to quell any fears or concerns you could have about the hypnotic process. You may see hypnotherapy as a bit of a shot in the dark or a slightly off the wall approach to help you overcome a problem. This really doesn’t matter at A New Direction Hypnotherapy. There is no offence taken by this thought.

Q. Will I be sleeping during hypnotherapy?

A. No. If you are sleeping you would not be able to fully take in your therapy.

Q. How long will I take before I see the benefit? (This is particularly asked with weight management clients.)

This question you will be asked by your therapists in response to you asking this question will be. How long did it take you to put on the weight? The reason for asking is to manage your expectations. As with most long term problems they are not usually sorted out overnight.

A. Each client is different. However at your initial consultation your therapists can give you an indication of how many sessions it may take to see and feel differently about your problem.

Q. Why do you offer the first session free of charge?

A. It means it gives you the client the chance to meet your therapist and make a more informed choice. Ask any questions you may have about hypnotherapy and then you can decide if hypnotherapy is the right option for you. Good rapport between you and your therapists is of ultimate importance to gain trust quickly.

Q. How successful are your treatments?

A. We do have a testimonials book. However therapists that guarantee success rates for any treatments cannot possibly validate this. Let me give you an example. Smoking cessations clients, all the clients we have had have told us that they have stopped smoking. We only know this because they telephone us or email after their session to tell us their good news. However we don’t follow them around to ensure that they never smoke.

Q. Do hypnotherapists do the same thing as stage show hypnotists do?

No stage hypnotists are purely there to entertain the audience. There is no one on one therapy taking place. Hypnotherapy is centred and based around whatever your problem is, on a one to one basis. It is very relaxing and enjoyable.

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