"Change you for Life, Live Longer, Live Happier, Be All You Can Be"

Words with Caroline and Gerry

Christmas / New Year / New You

Words by Gerry & Caroline Meikle

Well it’s that time of year again, Christmas is upon us, we are getting ready to party, eat, drink, and be merry/happy. “Or are we” Because with Christmas and New Year, we all too often look back at the year gone past. This can bring with it the demons, the bad memories, the ghosts of Christmas past, and all the New Year resolutions that we made but did not fulfil.

It’s ok, because in this life we always get to have another go. Tomorrow is another day we can start again, but isn’t it time to actually START to do some of these life changing things, like Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Change that Job, Pass that Test Stop being Stressed, or any other thing that is stopping you from having the best quality of life possible.

Change you, for Life, Live Longer, Live Happier, Be All You Can Be, go on you know you deserve it. So don’t procrastinate any more, make the DO IT your motto and get the attitude of gratitude, CHANGE, DO IT NOW.


It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent,

But the ones most responsive to change. (Charles Darwin)

A New Direction Hypnotherapy can help with all these and more so go on give us a call and get yourself booked up to make that CHANGE this year.

Hypnotherapy, Reiki. E,F,T. (emotional freedom therapy) Life Coaching, N,L,P, (neuro linguistic programming) we use all of these techniques in our practise and all of these have fantastic results.

Go on take control of your life give us a call today

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